Grey Code – Fall From Grace // Node Fiber (Principle Records)

Spencer Warren aka Grey Code is a name that has been circling the underground scene now for some time. After catching the attention of Ant TC1’s imprint Dispatch Recordings on which he unleashed his impeccable Traces EP back in July, Grey Code has shown no signs of slowing in his attempt to carve his way through the D&B underworld, honing his sound in the process. With support and plays from BBC Radio 1, Noisia and Ninja Ninja D&B, this Brighton/Bristol dwelling producer is making waves with all the right heads and now brings forth his next record forthcoming on Principle Records; ‘Fall From Grace // Node Fiber’.

In keeping with his mechanical, machine-like sound palette the A-side ‘Fall From Grace’ is a haunting blend of distorted, slicing strings weaving between gritty bass and aggressive pads. His signature drums resound heavily throughout the track, complemented by delicate percussive hits and eerie top end details; an attribute now common in his productions. The track has a supernatural almost ‘on edge’ air to it, as if you were in an episode of Stranger Things and lost in the ‘Upside Down’; a perfect blend of light and shade and another testament to Grey Code’s diverse skill set.

‘Node Fiber’ sits on the B side of this weighty release; an uncompromising mix of hard-hitting drum patterns & stomach churning sub-bass, this creeper constantly switches throughout. Drifting between hard, steppy licks, stabbing pad melodies and aggressive sub bass and accompanied by the distinct sound of that classic metallic percussion, the entire track embodies an ‘out of this world’ feel once again. The second drop switches up the vibe for a final time, with the kick pattern adding that extra switch and pushing the track to its peak. Another well-crafted offering from the boys over at Principle Records and of course the man himself, Grey Code.

Fall From Grace / Node Fiber will be available from December 15th on Principle Records. You can check out more work from Grey Code and Principle Records below.

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