Flexout (060) – Tom Small

Tom Peterka aka Tom Small has been making waves around the Czech Republic in recent times. Based in Prague, a city where drum & bass and electronic music are pillars of their culture (unlike some places…), Tom has had music out on Proximity Recordings, Dispatch Recordings and Broken Audio to name a few as well as performing at the award winning Let It Roll festival. His latest two track release with the mighty Flexout Audio label ‘Bad Killer / This Moment ft. Witty’ is a big one – prepare your headphones, speakers or whatever you use, as this is weighty.

The lead track Bad Killer, does exactly as it says on the tin. Straight up, no messing around, just a flat out riddim. The intro teases you in, not giving much away – then out of nowhere, bass slaps you in the ears, the tribal drum beat and rattle after the first 16 of the drop give this track that extra topping of grit. A great switch up on the second drop too, Tom really knows how to make a track work with minimal vibes.

This Moment swings the mood from the aggressive tones of Bad Killer to a much more mellow atmosphere. The rolling drums and atmospherics build up perfectly to the drop that delivers sweeping bass which swells in and out subtly accompanied by the voice of Witty who does a perfect vocal making this soulful yet it still has that gully edge to it.

Personally, I have been absolutely loving these two tracks – both great to pull for and will be in my collection for a while to come thats for sure! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for future Tom SMall music, definitely a name to watch out for.

You can cop the release, exclusively out on Flexout Audio’s Bandcamp, via the link below:

Buy here

Full release to all other digital outlets on 11th November.