Enei – Rituals LP Interview (Critical Music)

2015 has been an incredibly strong year for the scene and has seen some terrific output from the labels, none more so than Critical Records who have literally been on fire with some real staple tunes from the likes of Ivy Lab, Mefjus, Kasra, Emperor, Phace, Sam Binga and more.

Next up from the Critical camp is the remarkable ‘Rituals’ LP from none other than Russian badman, Enei. Now, re-touching on what i said before about there being some really good realeses this year from alot of labels, i cant stress that comment enough, there really has been some groundbreakingly good music put out, from LP`s like Break`s ‘Simpler Times’, A.I`s ‘Timeline’ and June Miller`s ‘ Robots & Romans’ so a bar has definitely been set, but do not doubt for one second that Enei cannot reach that bar and beyond!

Rituals is one of those albums where you listen through and really find it extremely difficult to find a fault, every track truly encompasses that inimitable Enei style but also shows us that he`s always got new tricks up his sleeve and has proven why he is invaluable to Critical`s roster. From rolling weighty numbers like ‘Just One Look’ and ‘Homeworld’ both featuring the vocal talent of Charli Brix to techy bangers like ‘Bad Proof’ and ‘Dead Space’ which features Austrian tech machine, Mefjus, and also features some softer more sultry numbers like ‘Moment Of Now’ featuring Ivy Lab`s vocal weapon of choice, Frank Carter III.

Enei really seems to have upped his game even more since ‘Machines’, his last LP for the label, and i can comfortably say that every track is an absolute gem!. We had a chat with the man himself to get the lowdown on the LP and get an insight into his workings!

Enei, How`s it going man? How long has Rituals been in the process and how have you gone about writing it, any differently to other releases?

Hi! All good thanks!
Ive been making it for about 10 month or so, the difference is that I had a plan in my head to make a full LP with one story and heart! So its not just a compilation.

What’s a typical day in the Enei studio, any ‘Rituals’ you have?

Hmm, it’s always the same way to the studio, having a Subway sandwich on the way (they’re good in Russia) and checking the emails 🙂

The LP features quite a few collaborators, how do you go about choosing who you want on the album?

Firstly it was my favourite and personal choices of the guys I like, which I know very well and of course musical talent. The vocalists I chose because they sounds unique and fits in well for Drum and Bass!

This is your second album after the incredible ‘Machines’ album was released back in 2012. What’s changed since you made that album? And do you still approach writing music the same as you did back then?

Now I work more detailed and think more of what I’m actually doing. Back in a day it was just passion and I did some things a little crazy.

Who else are you feeling in the scene at the moment and why?

Feeling Ivy Lab so much because its fresh and groovy! Its funny but I’m feeling quite old school within Drum & Bass these days, so now so much I’m playing loads of old jungle and tech step in my sets. Maybe searching a new inspiration in the old dusty stuff! There’s loads of inspiration.

Drum & Bass is much more of a worldwide culture nowadays than it has ever been. What the scene like in Russia compared to London when playing out?

Thats typical question but every year I’m answering differently and its going a little bit down hill. We have less gigs, less promoters over in Russia and its really quite sad! But on the other hand the producer scene is growing and expanding much more to a worldwide audience which is great!

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. We’re really feeling the new album! Any final words?

Don’t eat Snickers! It contains palm oil which is really bad for you.