Coupla bit's, Coupla bob's!

UK garage has to go down as one of the most belting genres to come out of the UK. Garage manages to have an energy locked into its shuffle that you don’t find in other genres. Drum and bass is miles faster but its rarely as sunny as a garage anthem. A new label Affectionate Grooves has just launched that aims to find that sunny groove and even spread its wings out into neighbouring sounds like house and the huge blurry mess of mad genres that all chill between 120 and 140 on bpm st.

They’ve fired off a couple of EP’s this week from their fledgling signing, Kachina. You can check them out down there. . .

Another guy who manages to chill in the abstract place between a load of sounds and, I suppose, exist in his own bubble is London’s Roska. Since leaving Rinse he’s launched his own label and recently released a long player that little twists of all kinds thrown in there and is well worth its £5 price tag.

A Manchester producer who has been quiet for a few years has recently fired up some new tunes alongside Chuckz, a young lyricist who I have a lot of time for. Check them out below.

Finally before I bounce and get off the computer. A new bit from  another Mancunian on Blah Records. This isn’t garage or anything but you’ll like it.


Written By mernywernz

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