Earl Grey: Tubepicks

Manchester’s own Earl Grey just released his debut LP, Headwinds on London’s very own, Inperspective Records. The leftfield drum and bass label responsible for some of Breakage’s early releases and a whole host of forward thinking drum and bass music over the last 2 decades.We asked him for his top youtube picks.


No idea on the origins of this one but I love it because it’s great theatre and actually quite sad ;(

One of the many bits probably included in my quarterly Chris Morris binge, amongst On The Hour, The Day Today, Blue Jam and obviously Brass Eye. Nobody else really comes close to his level tbh.

Nice rhythm, hypnotic visuals. Mmmmm

Compilation of the old World News vids from Viper Higgins, before he ended up doing weekly episodes for the RT channel. My go-to guy for informed and unbiased current affairs/news commentary. Great craic.

One of Manchester’s best MCs Deepo, on this thing from a while back. All money made on the t shirts goes towards a homeless charity in Manchester. Also, brioche.



You can listen to Earl Grey’s new album here …