Digital & Spirit – 'The Wolf' EP – Metalheadz

When you hear the name Metalheadz, you instantly think forward thinking, innovative, breaking boundaries, always striving to release the most cutting edge drum and bass out there and generally bad ass. So when I heard there next release would be ‘The Wolf EP” by the mighty duo that is Digital & Spirit I got very excited indeed.

These two have been smashing up dance floors all around the globe with their almost godlike production skills, with countless releases’s on major labels such as Metalheadz, Horizions, C.I.A. Function, Interactive, Ingredients, Timeless, Creative Source, Phantom Audio and so many many more labels. Just a little fact to put this into perspective how good these two are. Between them they had over a staggering 200 releases in their illustrious careers with a combined total of over 40 years of experience making dnb!!

 The A side “The wolf” As soon as the track starts you can tell this is a deep and moody half step dubby affair. It starts with a simple kick drum loop and sparse minimal percussion and a tremendously made menacing echoed dubby sort of pad that sounds really sinister. just this pad along would have been enough but no there is now another pad coming bouncing of the other, that seems to be rising from the ground that just lingers in the air, the two working together add loads of feeling to the track. Then the multi faceted bass line rears its morbid face taking you even deeper. All the while this is happening the percussion is becoming more complex now which in turn is now the main drive of the track. So now the track is moving along nicely all is needed is some nice clean break edits added and more echoed atmospherics and there you have it. A masterfully constructed track which anyone who is into the minimal dub, darker side of the scene must check out.

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B1 “Spiral” With a nice minimal intro with subtle pads and simple beat i did think it was going to a another dark track again like the flip side. No way, this is the complete reverse! You are then met with an outstanding, fresh, clean amen break that instantly rolls, this continues throughout the whole through the track, as good as this break is, this is not the main drive of the track. The the airy strings have the job in this one,  and oh my do they do the job, it’s such a complete joy to listen to these strings, they just build and build! Real, proper melodic journeys on this, trust. That combined with the short stab bass line licks that make the track just bounce effortlessly. To tell the truth this is so good in my ears whatever i say does not do it justice it’s that good, this is a real must of a tune!

B2 “Mosquito” Wow!!! From the start of the dark intro you are instantly subjected to some major heavy hitting amen breaks. This is a massively dub influenced with perfectly implemented echoed dub samples getting thrown down on top of a big hitting prolonged evolving bass line thats moves the track along nicely. This is exactly what you think of when you see the name Digital & Spirit on the vinyl cover. Expertly, effortlessly made. Pure vibes on this one. Once again these two have come up with the goods and I never doubted they would!


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