Demand Records – Selects #5 EP

Always the suppliers of irresistibly addictive drums, Demand Records are back with number 5 in their Selects series, which is another various artists EP. If you know anything about Demand, you’ll know that they’re renowned for bringing newcomers on to the scene and lifting them in to the spotlight. You’ll also know that these guys are connoisseurs of hunting down the finest tunes from the deep-end of the DnB spectrum and this EP showcases exactly that.

Making Marks – Grey Code
First up is Making Marks which is Grey Code’s first ever labelled solo release- and what a way to make a debut. The man is not messing around with this track. Noisia loved it so much that they’ve played it on their radio twice and it’s not difficult to hear why. The tune immediately sets its intentions with menacing brass instruments in the introduction, building up to an equally as devastating drop. The drums are what really propel this tune, switching up after each break and easily engaging the listener throughout. Whether you’re dropping it on the dance floor or just listening to it on the way home from work, Making Marks will whisk you away from your mortal life and catapult you into another dimension entirely (and that’s why we love DnB).

Confined – Wingz
Next up is the B side track titled ‘Confined’, which I have to say is my favourite from the EP. The drums and synths in the introduction immediately give the tune its sinister tone and it continues to impress after, evolving into a formidably dark and techy roller. The bassline is what really makes this track addictive; weighty and fluctuating, it gives the tune its dark edge. This track is pure dance floor weaponry and I really don’t think I mind being confined among a sea of ravers if the DJ is going to be supplying me with rollers like this one.

Echelon – Grey Code & Skylark
The third track on the EP is collaboration between Grey Code and Strasbourg’s Skylark, who is also a newcomer on the scene, but despite both producers being new Echelon is by no means amateur in nature. The two have come together to produce a ferocious stepper with a distinctively deep and dynamic sound. The kick drums effortlessly carry the tune and make sure that it lives up to its name; it’s powerful and high in quality. If this tune is anything to go by then I’m excited to hear what these guys have in store for us in future.

Thousand Suns – Owneath
Do you like brooding, minimal, half-time steppers? Was that a yes? Then look no further. Having already made his debut at Demand, Kiev-based producer Owneath is back, this time with the beautifully crafted Thousand Suns and it’s an essential addition to the EP in my opinion. Echoing the sinister tone of the other tracks, this tune manages to be both alluring and easy on the ears. These are the kind of sublime synths you want to have floating around your mind as you pass out on your mate’s floor at 8 am after a solid night of DnB skanking…

With this EP Demand have stayed true to their sound and selected 4 minimal gems that will make a great addition to any DJs artillery of tunes. There’s a tune for every mood and it’s always exciting to hear new music from producers who are starting to make their marks on the scene. I feel like we have a lot more to hear from these guys, so watch this space.