Choice Cuts: December

He’s back! With some new selections from the cloud of sounds from the past few weeks. It’s the end of the year. If you want an end of year rundown you can look back through at the playlists from the whole year. Right then! On with the rundown.

If you read this often you will know that I always rep none60 with vigilance. They’ve just dropped a real drum and bass single, which is unusual for them, but it’s worth pushing their boundaries for. The man responsible is Sheffield native, Wagz. A great single to round off the year for them and they’ve got a new one coming up in January featuring a very nice Sinistarr remix.

Moby also got Nickbee, Proxima and Hybris to remix some tracks and released the results a couple of weeks ago. You can check out the Nickbee one in the playlist.

Need For Mirrors popped back up in the inbox this month with a new EP and I have to say that the lead track Pagans caught my attention. Something about it has had me spinning it more than a few times.

Fixate has got some new fire coming on Exit. Anyone who reads this regularly will know that I love a bit of Exit Records and Fixate has always got something fresh.

Also Think Tonk dropped a new bit on Planet V with some snazzy remixes to go alongside it. Ride On will just give you a last little drop of summer.

New stuff from Kid Drama. He’s had a few releases this year, which have caught my eye. Some of them really remind me of Intalex vibes. Something I’m happy to hear from Kid Drama. Some really solid tracks. I hope he’s got more to come next year.

Also Levelz and member of Levelz chunky have both dropped free downloads this week.