Choice Cuts – August

Choice cuts is becoming more of a quarterly outing now, but it’s been a tough year I think everyone can agree.

Let’s have a look what we’ve got this time. Don’t forget to subscribe to the playlist. First up BSN Posse. Spanish juke and footwork enthusiasts, who were early adopters of the genre in the EU. Their latest EP for Defrostatica showcases a rich sound with a host of influences.  I’ve popped Rituals in the playlist this time.

Bristol’s provocative producer outfit, The Sauce, dropped their remix of Shy FX’s Roll The Dice featuring that cockney Lily Allen.  It’s a good workout and will help you get through the least ravy summer since the 80s.

Next up Come Get It by Angus Green. An Uplifting jungle outing perfect for the sunshine. It’s got everything you need in there. That one is out on Melbourne’s Plasma. Exporting some home grown talent.

Next up Distance by Manchester’s Mykroboy. Some laid back non drum and bass vibes, but I thought it was worth sprinkling in here.


Hybrid Minds featuring DRS with their new collab Don’t Ever. Get ready for an emotional one.

The head honcho of the label BNC Express, DJ Promenade also recently dropped his second LP, Ballads 2. The follow up to the first LP last year. Some juicy rollers for you to get stuck into on there.

The same kind of vibe continues with Wave Racer from Aaron Static before a turn to the dark side with new stuff also on Plasma. Idle Minds Workshop ft rider Shafique.

That’s it from me this time. If you want more music picks please check out my podcast “The Aluminium Shiny Shin Side Shack Out”