The time of year is swiftly sneaking upon us again and we hope you’re just as hyped as we are here at In-Reach HQ for this year’s fusion of music and art at Boomtown Fair.

It’s easy to tell from the posters alone that Boomtown delivers on creativity and aesthetics. Each district features a distinct theme, from the enchanting multi-layered treetop wilderness of the Hidden Woods to the luminous billboards and commercial streets of Metropolis, there’s a whole world just waiting to be explored on the other side of those gates.

The city pretty much serves up every music genre you can think of as well. You can hang about the Old Town and dance to some folk music, bop along to pounding psytrance at 10 am in the forest or skank out to techy drum and bass at Sector 6.

Citizens are encouraged to become part of the storyline by dressing up. If you want some inspiration, head over to the Costume shop and choose a theme that takes your fancy. Otherwise you can let your imagination run free and dress up how you like!

The city layout
Returning citizens and newbies can have a virtual tour of this year’s new city layout in the video below:

Line Up ♪
The full line up for the festival can be found here.

I’d be lying if I said I recognise even half of the names on the line up, but that’s one of the festival’s thrills – you’ll enjoy finding new acts you’ve never seen before; a new DJ you’ve never heard of owning it behind a pair of decks; a new genre you didn’t even know existed. In 2016 I stumbled in to the Ball Room stage at 2 am and had the pleasure of discovering “Swing and Bass” – a fusion of booming 175 basslines and 1920’s swing all in one!

► Drum and Bass spotlight ◄
Because the In-Reach minions love rolling drums, here are the DJs who I reckon you shouldn’t miss seeing this year:

Bang Hai Towers
Jade B2B L 33 B2B Mindscape, Etherwood, Kings of the Rollers, Spy (Jungle set), Unglued, DJ Zinc B2B Eats Everything B2B Special Request, Dynamite MC, Dimension

Kelvin 373, Aries, Inja, Bryan Gee B2B Jumpin’ Jack Frost, Dillinja, V Recordings Takeover (*fangirl squeal*): DJ Patife, Jakes, Jungle Warriors, Krust, L-Side B2B Alibi B2B Command Strange, Carasel

Sector 6
20 Years of Virus Records (Ed Rush B2B Optical & MC Ryme Tyme), Breakage, Critical Sound, DJ Marky, MC GQ, Halogenix B2B The Upbeats ft Jakes, Kasra, LSB, LTJ Bukem, QZB B2B Foreign Concept & Carasel, Sam Binga B2B Hyroglyfics & Trigga MC

Cause4Concern VS Skynet, Maztek, Methlab takeover, Ray Keith

Wrong side of the tracks
Benny L B2B T>I, Uncle Dugs, Volatile Cycle

Boomtown has a strong ethos of Charity, Education and Awareness. As the festival becomes more popular we think it’s important to emphasize these values.

• When the festival is over remember to take all of your rubbish with you please (and kindly remind your mates to do the same if they’re thinking about leaving anything behind!).

• Last year Boomtown raised a record-breaking £116,000 for Charity, with £32,000 going to local charities. You can donate £2 when you buy a ticket or make a donation at the gates.

Festival tips
Buy a programme – Once you’re in the city you can buy a Programme (ft lanyard) which lists set times and locations. I’d explore the city on Thursday and get your bearings, which will definitely help once you’re trying to find your favourite acts!

Stay hydrated – It’s easy to forget to drink water when you’re bumbling around having a good time, but it’s essential if you want to avoid falling ill or suffering heat stroke, especially if you are drinking. If you want to stay hydrated in style, I’d recommend a Hydration Pack from VIBEDRATION.

If you have any questions then check out the Boomtown FAQs or contact the team here.

Get ready and we’ll see you on the other side for some city shenanigans! 😉