Alix Perez & Zero T – The Ladders / Enemy of Reason (DISDUB005)

Dispatch Recordings is a label that is held in high esteem here at In-Reach, primarily because they are always on point with their releases! This is a testament to artists and management, Ant TC1 and Alex, forgive me if I have forgotten anyone.

As you may know, Dispatch has some offshoot sister labels – we actually have a write up of a recent release on Dispatch LTD. Another sister label is Dispatch Dubplate; this label is the grail for vinyl heads and tune spotters because these releases tend to contain an exclusive remix or VIP mix on very limited run vinyl press – and we are assured the they will never be re-pressed! They also tend to contain a vinyl exclusive mix that’s not available on any digital format.

Now for the release itself, DISDUB005. The artists contributing this time are Alix Perez and Zero T, and the tracks are “The Ladders B/W Enemy of Reason”. This release is special as the tracks have been in limbo for quite some time.

Side A contains the long awaited collab “The Ladders”. It was long thought that this would end up lost forever, but Dispatch have come through for us and we finally get to own this tech-funk beast of a tune. This track contains the best elements of Alix Perez and Zero T. Starting with a rolling percussion loop and eerie atmospherics the drums slowly build up, accompanied with a strategic bass stab. Then the lead line begins to creep in, giving the listener an insight of what is to come when the tune drops. Some really good subtle filter work on the midrange bass keeps you on your toes until the inevitable drop! The sub follows the funky groove precedent of the midrange bass from the intro, and then there are the cleverly placed bits of percussion fading in and out, just re-inforcing that funky groove to keep interest.
“The Ladders” is a real good tune to have in the mix if you want to keep your set rolling, and it holds its own against some of the over-processed tracks of today where loudness seems to be the only thing on the agenda.

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Side B, called “Enemy of Reason”, follows in the same way as “The Ladders” but a tad more gritty. Its has a similar groove and make-up, but adds punchier 2 step drums and a more Virus-like bass sound. It sounds like Mr Perez and Zero T have put in a fair bit of work on the bass as it twists and morphs as the track moves; it’s not Noisia twisting bass but it’s just enough to make your brain latch on to it and never let it go! That’s the sign of clever production: just enough movement to hook the listener as the track progresses.
This one’s a definite head nodder and would get the rewind, even though it’s not a full on tear out track.

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These tracks have so much funk they would fit straight in the height of the late 90’s era of Virus. Both sides have a lot of Virus/Ram & 90’s tech influence in them and will bring a smile to many a listeners face!

I know its taken a lot of hard work from all parties to make this release happen and Dispatch can put a feather in their cap for being the ones to release it. Big plaudits should also go to Alix Perez and Zero T for capturing the essence of late 90’s dnb in these two tunes. We at In-Reach hope the stars align again and we can get more releases from these two heavyweight producers on this forward thinking label.

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