Alix Perez Soul Mix // 2016

Yes fam! Been a hot minute since I’ve actually been able to write anything on site, work grind is fully kicking my ass at the moment, 9-6 killer shit.

Anyhow minor… We’re still abouttttttttt!

If you’ve been in the scene long enough (or even if you haven’t) you’ve probably heard the name Alix Perez. He’s been versatile over the years producing all types of tracks, some floating boats… some not… Regardless Alix constantly bosses this sound, its his domain.  This year the start of his own record label entitled 1985 music kicks things of with a number of wkd tunes, elephant dreams (you can hear the skeppy involvement there) absolutely kinging it.

Haha im side tracking… Check the mix below 😉 His latest SoulMix for Contrast. Full of smooth select, perfect for this warm time of year. Getcha’ ears in gear!

Safe. H

Alix Perez Soul Mix.