Chattin’ with Bredren

Bredren are a trio from Belgium that have been making big waves since their debut album ‘Trinity’ that came out on Proximity Recordings back in 2014, they’ve been understandably quiet release wise since then but the guys have just released a 4 track EP on Flexout Audio so we caught up with them for a chinwag…

In-Reach: Bredren, how did it all start?

Bredren: We met each other at a local youth club were Dieter was playing drum & bass on a DJ contest. We all started talking at the same night and it became clear we all lived very close. As Sebastien and Adrien have been into drum & bass for a while, it seemed like an easy step to join forces and started making music together.

There was a little barn in the backyard of Adrien’s garden which was early dedicated as “the studio”. After a few years spending there, we thought the barn was ready for an update. We completely rebuilt it as a new room specially made for our studio sessions.
Since then we are more eager then ever to take our music to the next level.

In-Reach: In terms of production, DJing and general getting stuff done, do all 3 of you play equal parts in each aspect or is each member assigned a certain role?

Bredren: It all happened quite organically without any set agreement of who does what but yes all 3 of us do have a certain role. Sebastien is “the engineer” for sure, he’s always on the buttons during studio sessions. Adrien and Dieter are more like the “brains” when we’re making music. When we’re playing out, it’s mostly Adrien and Dieter going back to back behind the decks. Besides all that Dieter does most of the “promo” stuff, and either Adrien or Dieter take care of the booking enquiries.

In-Reach: Your latest release is appropriately called ‘The Legion’ tell us about each of the tracks, whats your favourite and why you decided to release them through Flexout Audio?

Bredren: We started making “Fierce” about a year ago. A few months earlier we released our first LP “Trinity”. That took up a lot of time and energy, we worked on it for a year and needed a little break. After that break the time was right to start making new tracks, and “Fierce” was the first result. It gained early support and got played a couple of times at Sun And Bass 2015. It was amazing to hear it at that particular festival and gave us the right motivation to get on some new tracks.

After seeing MC Swift at several parties in Holland we decided to jump in the studio again and started another new tune. We sent it to him and a few days later he sent us these sick vocals of the track that is now called “The Legion”. It’s a straight forward tune and strictly rolling spiced up with some gnarly mid bass sounds.

By that time we had sent both of the tunes to Flexout and they immediately liked them. We agreed to make 2 more tunes and release a 4 track EP on their label. Because we already had 2 minimal rollers on the EP we thought it would be interesting to make 2 other tracks with a different vibe.

So that’s when “One Moment” was born. It’s a more moody, liquid kind of vibe with a sub that has never been that low before from us.

As this one was a bit rolling too, we thought it would be nice to add another tune which has a completely different drum pattern. We’ve been inspired by Skeptical and Fokus’ track “Fluctuate”. Because we’ve never tried that kind of drum pattern, it took us very long to get the track sounding like we wanted. In the end we were very happy about it and are pleased to have the opportunity to work with Bassi and Flexout.

In-Reach: Most people know you through your debut LP ‘Trinity’ what is your favourite track from that album that your most proud of and whats your next plan for future releases?

Bredren: It’s hard to pick a favourite so we’d say “Capital” and “Red Powder” as we had the most fun of it playing it out live. Capital is such a basic minimal roller that is so nice to mix with any kind of other tune. Red Powder is more a dance floor pleaser, its always nice to see the crowd pulling nasty bass faces to it.

We don’t really have a plan for any future releases, we’re just always trying to evolve and make better and better tunes. We’ll be spending some time in the studio the couple of months and see what comes out. It would be nice to have some releases on some of our other favourite labels in the future but we’ll just have to see.

In-Reach: Belgium has a wicked scene for underground drum and bass and we see your name on line-ups all the time, what has been the best gig you’ve ever played in your home country?

Bredren: We definitely enjoyed playing Star Warz and Rampage this year. Those are two of the biggest drum and bass events in Belgium and we are very pleased to have been part of it. We do love the smaller events a lot too. A few months back we played at a party called “What-U-On-About” alongside Total Science and the promotors (Speedwagon, Fuzz and Tesla). It was a small event but the vibes were spot on the whole night. Besides our set we truly enjoyed every other set we heard that night, so that must have been the best one of this year.

In-Reach: Its been wet and grey for what seems like months here in London, what are your 5 favourite summer tunes that we should listen too once summer finally arrives?

1. Alix Perez – Had I Known

2. Calibre – Under Bars

3. Jubei – Incognito (Skeptical Remix)

4. Villem – Keeper Of The Sun

5. Chase & Status – Loves Theme

6) Finally, you’ve started doing your own events. If you could do one of your ‘Bredren invites…’ with have any DJ’s in the world what would the line up look like?

Alix Perez b2b Skeptical
Dbridge b2b Calibre
Lenzman b2b LSB
Bredren b2b Arkaik

: Nice! I think we’d have to make a trip to Brussels for that one. Big up guys thanks for chatting and best of luck for the future x