Alibi – Said & Done LP // Interview

As the Brazilian drum & bass scene keeps on flourishing into one of the most exuberant out there, one production outfit that has consistently delivered that exhilarating vibe goes by the name of Alibi.

DJ Chap & Level 2 produced collaboratively for a several years before forming Alibi in 2015 and in that time they have released on V, Sun & Bass and Hospital to name but a few. Having officially made V Recordings their musical home we had heard rumours that there was an album on the horizon from the pair. Now just days away from the release of their debut LP ‘Said & Done’ we couldn’t think of a better time to get them both in for a chat to pick through this huge milestone in their careers and see what else is on the cards for Alibi…

COVERS 1200X630Easy guys, thanks for taking some time to chat to us here at In-Reach! How are you both?

Hello guys, all good over here thanks. We hope you guys are good too!

So firstly can you please introduce yourselves and tell us a bit how you came to form collaboratively as Alibi?

Fabio: Well, I am DJ Chap and I’ve been DJ’ing and producing since 2006. 

Pedro: And here’s Level 2 and I am DJ’ing since 2003 and producing since 2007.

We have been friends for about 12 years and we got to know each other through going to drum and bass nights in São Paulo. We started to exchange some music and then we begun to write some songs together. In 2011 we had our first collaboration released by V Recordings (Liquid V), which is called “Sky’s the Limit”.

Having spent several years establishing yourselves individually you have now found a home in the form of V Recordings. What’s it like working with the V crew and how did the link originally come about?

Chap: First Level 2 was introduced to Bryan from our friends from Critical DUB and later alongside Level 2 introduced my songs to the big man. 

For us it’s amazing to work with V Recordings. DJ Marky, XRS, DJ Andy, Patife, Bryan Gee and Frost always keep an eye on Brazil. They really support us and makes us feel comfortable. We are just happy to work with such a legendary label.

So you guys are dropping your debut LP ‘Said + Done’ on 7th December, how long have you been working on this particular project? Were there any high or low points along the way?

We are working on this project since the last 3 and half years. We knew since the beginning about the responsibility of writing an album. It also demands a lot of energy, time and commitment. Talking about the low points, yes we had some. Choosing the track list for example was really not easy. We talked with a lot of people to get information and it helped us a lot to find a direction.

What made you decide that now was the time to release your first LP?

When Bryan invited us to be part of the team he had many things planned and one of this things was the possibility of writing the album. We also got support from a lots of people and it made us feel comfortable enough to decide to start writing it.

Is there a particular theme or story you wanted to convey to the listeners with this album?

It’s all about life. We started to get in the right direction after we finished ‘Said and Done’ with DRS and after gathering all the songs it was clear for us that the album talks about life. It’s like everyone has something to say and experiences to share.

Where did you both draw inspiration for this album? Was there anything that particularly inspired you during the process?

Every moment can be inspirational. For us music just comes naturally. Sometimes when we feel unmotivated we try to take time alway from the studio to give priority to other things. But most of times we save each other exchanging ideas. It’s very motivating when you listen to a track which has potential.

I love the collaborations with vocalists across the LP, some stellar names have been picked to work alongside your tracks. Was this a conscious decision to work with these names? How was it working with such prestigious vocal talents?

Yes, it was a conscious decision picking up the vocalists. We also had a great input coming from Bryan and from our friends. It’s just an honour to work with such talented people.

Is there a standout track from the LP that you are both particularly happy with how it finally resulted?

We love all of them and we are just happy to have a nice final product.

Releasing an album is a milestone in any musicians career, what does it mean to you both?

It’s a big step indeed. For us it sounds like an end of a cycle which was really important for our careers and the beginning of a new cycle full of new possibilities.

What’s the working set up between you? Do you both get in the studio together or are you sending tracks back and forth?

Chap: Most of the time we just exchange projects online.

In the beginning we were used to sit together to write music but now I am living in Vienna and Level 2 is living in Sao Paulo. We are really good friends so it’s kinda easy to work it out.

Tell us more about the Drum & Bass scene in Sao Paulo? Has the album been well received there?

Yes we are having a really good response from our compatriots and that means a lot to us. This new wave of Brazilian producers, it’s just getting better and better… So many good talents! Guys like Urbandawn, Andrezz, Critical Dub, L-Side, Jam Thieves, Simplification & Translate, … they never disappoint.

We also have some memorable events. Only recently has DJ Andy brought down Roni Size as his guest for his night and Critical Dub had the French DJ BRK. Also DJ Marky booked Makoto and in December he will have no less than Break and MC GQ coming to grace the decks. It’s going to be amazing!

What’s next for Alibi after the release date? Will you be touring the album?

We are already thinking forward and we would love to celebrate the album release with a tour. We are still planning everything so you can expect good things coming.

Any last words/shoutouts before we go?

We would like to thank everyone who supports us! It’s being a really nice journey full of good experiences. Cheers!

Big ups to you both!

You can pre-order ‘Said & Done’ right now from the V Recordings website which will be officially released on 7th December.