Tubepicks: Subduktion & DLX

It’s a double trouble Tubepicks this week. Arizona’s Free Love Digi imprint released the second in it’s series of collaborative compilations a month or so ago. Versus pt.2 pitches some of Free Love Digi’s artist stable together. A showcase of the labels sounds and vibes curated by Quentin Hiatus. To celebrate the release I’ve got Tubepicks from Subduktion and DLX separately. Both feature on the new album, which you can check out below. 





In today’s society, hiring someone online for samples are trending! Watch this video display today’s world of, “how musicians get hired through internet”

2.Cardi B X Reebok – Nails 

I mean what other rappers do you know that do weird stuff like this?

3. Trying to learn ANYTHING 

It’s not easy affording thousands for college, so many learn off the internet. But then, this happens.

4. Joyner Lucas – I’m not Racist. 

This video can be sensitive to some, but I found it very powerful.

5. Deaf Comedian Gives Inspiring Lesson 

We often fail to forgive each other, and love ourselves. This deaf comedian throws it down and nails this video with an amazing lesson.





The Stooges- Funhouse (1970)

This album sounds like a bad ass funk/blues band turned their guitars up too loud and found the craziest mother fucker in Detroit to sing for them. Iggy Pop is indeed the Godfather of Punk.

Nirvana-In Utero(1993)

This is my favorite album of all time. Not only do i love the song writing and musicianship, the Production and engineering by Steve Albini is amazing. Very live sounding and raw as fuck.

Atari Teenage Riot-Delete Yourself(1995)

Coming from playing in a punk band as a kid this showed me the that there are no boundaries when is comes to writing and recording punk and hardcore. I remember listening to this album for the first time in the parking lot at school and couldn’t wait to get home and try to make “Digital Hardcore”. I failed miserably on my first efforts.

Aphex Twin-Richard D. James(1996)

Beautiful and intense and weird as fuck. Brings back a lot of memories of taking acid in high school. 

Refused-The Shape of Punk to Come(1998)

Swedish Hardcore at its finest. These guys are beasts. They broke up shortly after this album was recorded(recently reunited though). Lots of really cool samples and electronic elements thrown in though out the album.