Tubepicks: Xeomi & Kaiza

Tubepicks is coming at you all the way from the republic of Korea this week. We’ve got a selection from Xeomi & Kaiza.  They are involved in the relatively new label, Confucian Sound, which has so far demonstrated a passion for the more devastating cuts. I caught up with the pair to find out a few of their favourite Tubepicks. Also check out the latest Ep on the label, Quinquewave.


1) Romano – Copyshop ft Masta Mic 

This guy is insane! You never know if he means it or if he makes fun of you. I own both albums and love his attitude, style and vision. His interviews are incedible!

2) Deichkind – Wer sagt denn das? 

The best of the best! These guys are oldschool to the fullest, but always re invent themselves. The music is so unique, nobody can flex like them. Their live performances are one of a kind. The lyrics kick nuts and i really love everything they released.

3) Childish Gambino – This Is America 

Yes, everybody knows this. But still after the hype is over it makes me shiver and i am really impressed by all the details, the delivery, the music and the whole concept. Execution style!


4) Pantera – Domination 

When I was child, I always watched and used youtube for rock videos. And this is one of the videos which I adore 😀 It contains lots of memories with my beloved friends.

Can’t meet usually some of them, but my childhood was full of this kind of things. Not only music, but movies, arts and anime too.

5) Death – Painkiller 

I can sing this. No joke. For real :p