1985 Edition 1 LP

Few artists are heralded with the kind of admiration for their craft like Alix Perez is. Over the years he has cemented his position in the drum and bass scene and even coined his own style of broken half-time alongside Eprom in his ‘Shades’ project. Known for his soulful touch on liquid dnb implementing deep vocal cuts and crisp drum lines as well as the hard-hitting, half-time beats.

Recently, he has been working closely with other shining stars in the scene on collaborative efforts such as his ‘Synergy’ EP with Spectrasoul as well as maintaining his latest venture of running and releasing on his own imprint, 1985 Music. Since the labels inception in early 2016 they have had some stunning releases

Coming towards the end of the labels second year in the business and 1985 Music have a real treat, a compilation from various artists of brand new music! There are tracks from the likes of Compa, Deft, Monty, Halogenix, Chimpo, Skeptical, Sabre, Alix Perez and more!

For fans of the half-time movement that’s becoming increasingly popular this LP will certainly quench your needs as it’s a half and half LP. 6 tracks of half-time ‘20/20’ stuff and 6 tracks of rolling dnb.

A personal favourite from the LP is Halogenix’s ‘Silver Sword’. Halogenix really is the golden liquid sound of Ivy Lab that lead me to be so interested in their music. Ivy Lab as a collective seem to have taken somewhat of a different direction with their sound of late, focusing more on the 20/20 vibes with great success by the looks of things but Halogenix’s solo work is style flying the flag for soulful rolling dnb. Silver Sword really encompasses all I love about his sound, the warm and indulging vocals, tight, skippy drum work and that perfect rolling bassline. Absolute beauty.

So, whether you are a straight up drum and bass head with passion for the rolling stuff or whether your tastes have expanded to broken tempos, this LP has it covered and will become a more than suitable choice to draw for when the dancefloor needs an energy boost!

The Edition 1 LP is available at all good digital outlets now and is well worth copping!

By Kris Blake