10 Years Of Symmetry LP

Break, a producer that’s been delivering some of the most impressive and classy drum and bass since his entrance to the scene some 14 odd years ago. As a multi-instrumentalist his knack for making such well-engineered and seamless tracks has earned him a place in most prolific DJ`s playlists/vinyl bags for years, so naturally when a new Break release is coming it enlivens the dnb scene as a whole.

Last year saw him deliver one of the most impressive drum and bass albums I’ve heard, ever…

‘Simpler Times’ had everything, raucous driven bangers like ‘Regulate’ and ‘The Flux’ and jazz-injected soulful numbers like ‘Hope’ and ‘Gave Too Much’. Not a user of social media, Break relies on his music to do all the talking, and that it does, perfectly.

Now, as we are all aware Break is also one of the most consistent producers, delivering remix`s all over the place year round, playing sets around the word and all the while managing and working his own label, ‘ Symmetry Recordings’.

This year see’s the 10th successful year of the label and what better way to celebrate that than a 12-track album from the man himself?! With collaborations from some of the scenes finest such as Total Science, Spectrasoul, DLR  and more!

The album is a master class in drum and bass production, each track filled with vibrance and depth all the while exerting  energy and excitement. You really cannot fault any aspect of Breaks music it really does have it all!

So, whether it’s for home listening or dance floor targeted, this LP is essential for any drum and bass fan. There really is no more to say other than BUY THIS ALBUM and listen to some of the highest quality dnb you are likely to hear.

The album sampler is already out and available:



Full LP will be out on the 28th of October and available at most good online outlets..