Who the **** is Balatron?

For readers that have never heard of you please can you introduce yourself and tell us something we don’t know about you?
My name is Bjarki. Born and raised in Iceland. Former Mancunian. Professional pisstaker. I’ve been making music since i was born i think, banging on everything that made a sound. Im an omnivore of music, i like lots of different music and because of that I have made lots of music in different styles, pop, Eurovision, hip-hop, trance, techno, house, Not country tho…. cause, well, fuck country music.

2. When did you start making halftime drum and bass beats? Have you always been a junglist?
The Balatron project is only a little over 1 years old really…. I took a break from producing and writing for a long time, I wasn‘t inspired to make any music. I got back into drum and bass after a long break and I fell in love with it again so I started making beats. I kept it to myself for some time just sitting on a bunch of tracks. I wasn‘t sure that people would like my style. But when Ivy Lab really started making these dope halftime tracks I was finally ready to send it out.
But yes, deffo been a junglist/basshead since my early teens, mostly listening to Goldie and Metalheadz.

3.You come from Iceland, a country known for the northern lights and beautiful nature and sensible politics? What are the best and worse things about living where you do?


Lol I wouldn‘t call Iceland‘s politics sensible at all. People are pissed off in Iceland…if you are referring to the jailing of the bankers – well they are free now, and the jail was basically a vacation home for the rich. They are back in their range rovers fucking people over. The best thing about Iceland I would say is the people, we are a friendly bunch and the creativity on this island is amazing and versatile. Worst thing I would say is that it is pricey, cold in the winter and commuting to the rest of the world is expensive as faakkk

4. You got a tune forthcoming on Ivy Labs new V/A – how did that come about?
I sent them a demo last Spring and I never heard from them about it. Funny thing is it got played on Noisia Radio as a listener submission track.. which was amazing to me… Bigups Noisia! The day after I‘m browsing on Soundcloud and I find Ivy Labs mix for Sonar and my tune was on it. I finally got in touch with Halogenix and he said “Yeah we have been playing it out for a couple of weeks now” haha. After that I kept sending them beats and they asked me to be on the 20/20 Vol 2. out next week! Bigups Ivy Lab!

Balatron ‘Poseidon’

5. We recently watched your DJ set on Hauser FM, do you enjoy DJing? Talk us through your set-up…


My live set on Hausar was the first time I did Balatron live, all original tracks. It was great fun and I hope I can do it again. I would love to tour as a live performer. But yes, I‘ve been DJing since I was 17, I will allways love it.

My live setup is Ableton Live running stems of my tracks the a couple of controllers ,novation launchpad for triggering parts, novation midimix for mixer controls filters and send FX and a akai mpd 24 for playing one shot drums and stuff. I try to keep the set active and spontaneous.

6. Your debut EP is forthcoming on Flexout Audio – how long did i take to write it and why did you chose Flexout Audio to release your music on?

The tracks on my EP took about 4-6 months to finish and I am very happy with this EP. I really love the ‘Waves’ series, really really dope stuff and when Flexout asked me if I wanted to be a part of it I said yes straight away, proud to be a part of it. Big up Flexout!