Tubepicks: Wagz

One of Sheffield’s most promising production talents has just dropped his debut on Silent Dust’s discerning none60 imprint.  It’s unusual for none60 to drop drum and bass in the traditional sense, but Wagz is channeling some inner Intalex or something on this release and its a belter. He’s such a big hit at In Reach that he”s just done the latest mix for us which you can check here.  

You can check out the release and Wagz top 5 picks from the immense world of YouTube below. Enjoy.


1. Great advice from one of the UK’s national treasures, Charlie Bronson.
2.Tintin applying for a door job. Reminds me of Sid the Sexist, top marks to whoever put this together.
3. My party song.
4. One of the few Synthwave bands that stand out for me – catchy hook, voice over from JC and a great video.
5. Love me some Limmy, he’s proper out there.


You can buy Wagz single direct from none60 on Bandcamp

none60 Soundcloud

Wagz Soundcloud