Tubepicks: Sinistarr

Detroit native, Sinistarr has more than made his name in music over the last decade or more. He’s released on a host of prestigious labels like Exit Records and he’s collaborated over the years with big dons from his hometown as well as across the world.  We asked him to pick his 5 favourite  YouTube videos for In Reach. You can check out his latest single on Free Love Digi here. 

Check the 5 in this collated playlist below 😉

1) Brazillian Man’s Vocal Range

I love funny videos on YouTube, especially if they are unintentional. The boys from Ivy Lab showed me this between some music sessions at their spot in London, and this one had me on the floor. Apparently this guy (who is speaking in Spanish, not Portugese) has a whole page of him doing covers including Rammstein’s hit song “Du Hast. Top Internet.

2) Armand Van Helden – You Don’t Know Me at Top of The Pops, 1998/9 (?)

I came across this classic song again recently — the OG video is great, listening to Duane Harden sing live and nail it note for note is so good – super rare footage right here!

3) Mustache Pizza –

I saw this video on a TV show, and it’s still boggling to me why this is still one of the funniest short clips on the internet. “You got some sauce on your face…”

4) DMX at Woodstock 1999 – clip:

Full vid:

To put things into perspective about why this particular performance stands out as incredible – DMX dropped a single that was certified Gold (“Get At Me Dog”) and dropped two albums that sold 9 million copies in total – “It’s Dark… And Hell is Hot” and “Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood” – all in 1998 (mind you these are all CDs and Cassettes). In 1999 he dropped “…And Then There Was X”, with the single “Party Up” that sold 6 million records.  With that being said, he went on to play Woodstock ‘99. No dodgy cell phone footage, no social media updates – 400,000+ people on a hot ass day in Rome, New York all rapping along to his lyrics – no hype men, just DJ Clue as his DJ. Incredible.

5) Glow stick blows up in kid’s face –

Injury is never good, but when you do obviously dumb things and film it and said dumb thing gets out of hand, sometimes it makes for top internet content. Obviously the glow stick blowing up in this kid’s face looks painful as all hell, but the hilarious part is the disappointed father doing his best to save his son’s eyes, all the while commenting (complimenting?) on how his son ruined his shirt. Hope you enjoy this one, you ding-a-lings.