Tubepicks – Silent Dust

I’ve featured several artists from the exceptional none60 imprint in the TubePicks series, but I was surprised to realise recently, that I never actually invited label head honcho’s Silent Dust to compile their top 5 YouTube Videos. Well, now that’s changed.

Silent Dust have had a big year on all accounts. The label has been churning out single after single in ther mission to chart unexperimented bass music territory. We’ve seen releases from Wagz, Dissident, Lewis James, Quentin Hiatus and the Corpus. Most recently they released their second album, “Listen To The Night” featuring a belting Calibre remix as the sampler. So be sure to check all those out and get stuck into their YouTube picks.

Red Dead 2

I’m probably way too hyped for this game but nobody really builds worlds in the way Rockstar can with their games. The first Red Dead Redemption is easily top 5 games for me so I can’t wait to see how the prequel contextualises the first game and how we view John Marston! To prepare myself I’m watching Deadwood … I am well and truly aboard the hype train!

Alan Partridge’s Scissored Isle

I adore Partridge and this special for Sky Atlantic is one of his finest moments. From Alan reaching a zen like state on a Tesco checkout, buying a “mates rates” £70 pound ecstasy pellet to a CAT scan of a square scotch egg it’s all vintage Alan!

You all right packing?

Illingsworth – Greens

We shared an album release day with Illingsworth when he released his new album “You’re No Fun” a couple of weeks back… he is also on our album, featuring on the track “Beat Fate” which was on the vinyl sampler along with the Calibre remix of “Refuse”

Illingsworth is both producer and MC and equally talented at both! His new album is mostly instrumental which initially disappointed me a little as I was looking forward to hearing more from him as an MC but it’s a less is more approach from him vocally and he let’s the beats do the talking… I highly recommend it!

McClaren at the Airport

I was a bit late to Athletico Mince (loosely based Football podcast from Bob Mortimer and Andy Dawson), Dan (the other half of Silent Dust) had been telling me to listen to it for a while but I finally took the plunge in the summer and I love it!

There are a few recurring characters but Bob’s tales of Steve McClaren and his snake Casper are some of my favourites, also have to mention “Gangs of the EPL!” (

Outkast – A Life in the Day of Benjamin Andre

Hard to believe this is 15 years old…. Andre 3000 proving why he is one of the greats over a beat that is just the right side of weird and funky.

I have hopes that one day we’ll get another Outkast album or a Andre 3000 album but when we have music as good as this who needs more?