Tubepicks : Out Of Fuel

Out of Fuel are two producers who have been whiling away dark days in Finland for a good long while and their tracks are fittingly dark and powerful. They’ve just released their latest EP on the American label, Translation Recordings.

Out of Fuel are perfectly at home on a label like Translation. A flick through their back catalogue shows a rigorous exploration of drum and bass spanning more than a decade. You can check out the new EP here as well as their top 5 picks from Youtube in playlist form or click the video titles to go directly to the vid.


We’re U-He fanboys and heavy users, almost all synth sounds in our track Minus 25 were made with U-He plugins, and it’s interesting to hear from the man himself how he sees his work and how he ended up making plugins in the first place.


Skee Mask


We’ve been fans of Skee Mask’s music for a while, and this feature where he tells about his way of making music resonates a lot with us and is always inspiring to watch over and over again. If you don’t know his music, get to know.


Katie Gately: How much can you feel?


100% inspirational video. Katie talks about some of the struggles and thought processes people in creative field face and about the importance of constant learning. We use a lot of field recordings in our music too so it’s nice to see what type of sounds other people record and use and in what ways.

It doesn’t really matter if the thing you are doing is particularly different, good or bad as long as you feel good about doing it.


RPK – Pidän Tän Darkkina


RPK is a well kept secret and a veteran producer in the Finnish scene. He’s been around in the studio, on the mic and behind the decks since the 90’s covering styles from backpacker rap to dubstep, dub techno, grime, ambient and god knows what else. This track is about keeping it dark and being true to doing your own thing without compromise.


Bowling with Dick


The main theme in these videos we have picked is expertise and passion. Same applies to Dick and bowling. Watch and learn.