Tubepicks: MONIKA

Welcome to another instalment of Tubepicks. The column, where we ask producers to give us an insight into their YouTube adventures with their top 5 favourite YouTube videos of the moment. This time I’ve enlisted Monika. Originally from the UK and now operating out of New Zealand.

He first popped onto my radar when he released a tremendous EP on the now defunct Ingredients imprint. He’s also popped up on Medschool, Soulvent and most recently none60, the label run by Silent Dust.  Anyway, let’s get into his Tubepicks now and see what makes him tick and check out his new single for none60 too.




Sampa The Great – Colours 

Big fan of Sampa The Great and I’m a big fan of a minimal aesthetic. What’s not to love here?

Factfulness by Hans Rosling  

Everyone should read/learn Factfulness by Hans Rosling. It’s a fact based look at why the world is doing better than you think and is vastly improving. This TED talk is on the same subject and it’s highly optimistic about the future, using evidence and global stats. This is life changing material!


Nuclear Cooling Tower Snare

Whoooaaahhhhh coooooooooool


Girl Gets Answer Wrong 

I waste a lot of time on reddit when I could be doing ANYTHING else. This vid is pure /r/youtubehaiku gold


Fermi Paradox – In A Nutshell 

I love a good paradox, and this is the cream of the crop! Wicked channel to binge though too.