Tubepicks – Marginal

Alien Pimp and Datacode make up the producer duo, Marginal. They’ve both been in the game for longer than a decade and recently made a return to previous stomping ground, Translation Recordings. Demonstrating a maturity to their sound and managing to strike a balance, between depth, dancefloor and experimentation the Delusionism EP is a strong exhibition of their latest work. Four new tracks including a collaboration with Spanish outfit, Clima and a remix of “Every 1 Needs a 0.” A track they released on Translation back in 2014. With this new bit dropping I took the opportunity to find out their Tubepicks. So, sit back, relax and take a trip into Marginal’s YouTube habits. Don’t forget to check out the new EP as well.


  1. One for the inner awareness:Matthieu Ricard is one of the most interesting and nurturing human being I know, he simply makes my mind and my heart grow, not just when he speaks, but also through personal example, which is the most rare. If you get the ocean deepness parable, many problems in your mind will fade away.
  2. One for your outer awareness:Facts still don’t care about feelings.
  3. One to blow you up:This choice and the following ones are kinda self explanatory once you see them, really, so it’s just a matter of trust: will you trust me this is worth the click?
    Btw, on my Alien Pimp channel you can watch it with my own alternative soundtrack.
  4. One for the heart:Music that shaped me as a teenager and still gives me the thrills.
  5. And one for ever.Music that shaped me as a youngster and still gives me the thrills.