Tubepicks: Lewis James

Lewis James has been cutting his own spot in the scene since 2012. Gaining critical acclaim for his music making capabilities, which he combines effortlessly with his experience and know-how from working in Sound Design. He recently had a great outing on Fracture’s Astrophonica and now this cut is dropping on Silent Dust’s none60 imprint. I hit him up to get his favourite YouTube picks to go alongside his new single. Check out the playlist and also the new single below.

Mono Neon: Music for man’s reaction after Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pie.

This is a video of a man playing bass guitar in time to another man reviewing a pie and it makes really good music.
There’s no way that sentence should make any sense hahaha

Yacht Rock Episode 1

Spoof TV series about Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins and how they created the smooth sound of California Yacht Rock in the 70’s.

Acen – Trip II The Moon Part 2 (The Dark Side)

Classic rave tune from 1992, was one of the first I ever heard, I still listen to it on a regular basis, just never gets old!

Jiskefet – English Sports

Jiskefet are a Dutch comedy group, they’re kind of like the Dutch answer to Monty Python and this sketch is all about how absurd English sports appear to people outside England, it’s not in Dutch…or even English really, but it’s still pretty spot on!

Raekwon – Rainy Dayz remix feat. Ghostface Killah

One of my favourite Wu-Tang tunes. For some reason this tune wasn’t that big. It was on a Loud / RCA compilation and then kind of disappeared, but it’s Raekwon and Ghostface at their finest and the beat is 10/10.