Tubepicks: Jaskin & Uneven

Tubepicks is back in the game and this time we’ve recruited up and comers, Jaskin & Uneven. They dropped a smashing single on none60 at the end of the last year and now they’re popping up again on the “none of the above” LP on none60.   The compilation showcases a good portion of none60’s artist stable with some extremely nice productions. Anyway, I thought this would be a good opportunity to get inside the heads of Jaskin & Uneven and find out what they dig up on YouTube. Check out their favourite 5 YouTube videos of the moment and preview the compilation. 



Leftfield feat. Africa Bambaata – Africa Shox

One of the favourite music/video combinations for me, still remember the fascination when i saw it first. There are a lot more amazing videos out there but this one defo stands out for me.  

The Midnight – Shadows

We’re both are seriously into Synthwave at times and this is probably the most listened tune by us for the past year.

One of those tracks that is capable to lift you up. It’s not the official video but whoever did it matched it perfectly to the music. Really cool movie as well.


A documentary that was watched a lot when discovered first time about 15 or so years ago. Really interesting look at the electronic music culture, foundation and perception. 

Enjoyed re-watching it again recently.

Bernard “Pretty” Purdie Funky Groovy Jam Session

Funky & groovy drum session? We got one for you. Just look at that happy face, this is the way we smile when listening to these funky grooves.


This video is good vibes all the way. Perfect soundtrack for whatever you do. One of the recent favourites for us. Maka sure to check out FKJ, this guy is making some serious grooves.