Tubepicks: J Plates

One of Portugal’s finest, Skalator Music, have just kicked off the year with a fresh cut from Kiwi producer, J Plates. Two deadly rollers in the form of Liquid Metal and Relic have been getting support all over the shop. I thought it fitting to get an insight into the man’s mind with a selection of his favourite YouTube videos.

1 – Ministry – Over The Shoulder (1986) [Music Video]

From the album ‘Twitch’ (Produced by Adrian Sherwood)


2 – Wax Trax! Records – Black Box [Playlist]

Selection from Wax Trax! Records, Chicago.

Highlights:  Clock DVA – The Hacker, Coil – Window Pane, Front Line Assembly – Iceolate.


3 – Quake 1 [Game Footage]

Back in the days of Windows 95 and 56k modems.

Soundtrack by Trent Reznor.


4 – Author & Punisher (Masks) [Mini Documentary]

Taking Industrial music literally.


5 – Fantomas – The Director’s Cut (2001) [Album]

Mike Patton at his finest. The original house party hijack album.