Tubepicks: Homesick

Canadian producer, Alumnus of the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy and jungle footwork warrior, Homesick has been making some waves for a few years. The latest addition to his back catalogue the Burnout 2099 EP has just hit the shelves and its a whirlwind journey through a slew of lowriding bass bangers. In the words of Defrostatica the label behind the project, “Burnout 2099″ is a compelling six pack of dancefloor ammo for those unshackled by genres. Featuring atypical combinations of DnB, dancehall, footwork jungle and even RnB.”  Needless to say it’s well worth looking into.

Since he’s just dropped the EP and he’s also planning a European tour at the moment I thought this would be the perfect time to hit him up for his Tubepicks and these are really juicy Tubepicks.

Alan Resnick

Alan Resnick is a comedian from Baltimore brandishing the most disorienting content on the internet. This video is a great example of what I’m talking about, I don’t think I ever actually laughed at any point through the video but it managed to linger in my brain for weeks afterward like some fever dream I just couldn’t shake. I highly recommend watching all the content he has made for Adult Swim if you wanna lose your grasp on reality for an evening.


MNDSGN is one of my fave artists right now and his live performance at the Jazz Cafe in London is nothing short of moving. Makes a great soundtrack to your breakfast or a busy work day.


YT doesn’t get better that this: Russian youtubers pulling of insanely dangerous DIY projects. This video in particular they pull a bunch of transformers from broken microwaves to make a super powerful EMF gun and literally start shooting their tinfoil-wrapped friend with it while he’s driving a moped. I feel like I got radiation poisoning from just having watched it lmao.


This footage of a 1989 rave reaching early morning hours has always mesmerized me for plenty of reasons, but mostly because of the cars billowing in flames in the background that are never really acknowledged. Was it part of the warehouse party décor? Was someone having engine problems? Perhaps a mob hit? I’m troubled by the fact that I’ll probably never know.


This dude is an engineering student who made a machine that uses AI face detection to shoot high pressure energy drink directly at your face when it detects you are getting tired. Plenty more stupid inventions like this on his channel. I highly recommend treating yourself to a Michael Reeves youtube hole.


Burnout 2099 is out now on Defrostatica

Homesick will be touring Europe in May. Promoters hit him up.