Tubepicks: Dr Woe

German producer, Dr. Woe, returned to the record stores this month with the latest offering on his own label, Insomnius Music. He’s been putting the graft in at the studio and honing his sound for a while and it’s paid off. His latest “Lake Of Wisdom” is a gnarly outing well worth checking it out. I decided to find out a bit more about the doctor by diving into his YouTube history and seeing what picks he came up with. Check it out.


Icicle designs DnB beats from scratch – Part 1 of 2

Finaly a Dnb producer who shows his workflow in detail. Good to see that he builds his own sounds and explains exactly the necessary steps to create a punchy drum track. Most producers nowadays just re-arrange some samples and loops when it comes to a producer video.

Big ups Icicle!



Marc rebillet – DAY 26: MILAN

A true genius at work!



Michael Jackson – Thriller Musikvideo

We need more music videos like this today!



DJ Q – Against the clock

One of a few producers in this series that really manage it to build

a complete track in ten minutes that sounds musicaly cool and is

completely arranged. Respect!



DJ Fails, Pranks, Mistakes & Funny Videos Collection

All this would not happen if these „DJs“ would have concentrated on

their music instead of doing party and bullshit


Dr Woe on Beatport