Tubepicks: Defrostatica

Leipzig’s Defrostatica label has been quietly releasing some experimental and out there electronic music for a couple of years now and the second instalment of their Rogue Style series is about to touch down on limited edition white vinyl.

I caught up with the guys behind the label, Booga and Tina to find out Defrostatica’s Tubepicks.      The Rogue Style EP series pays homage to the international b-boy culture. Where the worlds of breakbeat music and breakdance collide. All of the tracks on the EP have some kind of link with that culture. Naturally these YouTube picks also follow that theme.



Here We Come
This one is absolutely essential! If you want to understand how hip-hop and breakdance evolved in the GDR and what kind of struggle it meant for people to be part of that subculture against all odds, you have to watch this movie. Based in Leipzig, East Germany the spirit of that era is part of our roots and still influences the way we do things. The DIY force is strong with us.

Calyx & Teebee – Pure Gold 
A perfect example of hip-hop and dnb colliding. High scores in sound, style and vibes – nomen est omen.

Comic Books and Hip Hop History 
One thing that’s so exciting about hip-hop is that it inspires so many different creative disciplines.
This video shows the tight links between hip-hop and comics which is super interesting. Besides that, Ed Piskor’s books are amazing and you need them in your life.

Dancing In The Rain
One of our favourite dance clips of all times. It’s goosebumps all over again every time. If you don’t feel this, check your pulse cause you’re probably dead.


You just can’t talk about hip hop and b-boy culture without wasting any words on Beatstreet. The list of scenes that stuck to our minds is long, but this one made the cut. As a girl it was such an empowering moment to see the three of them rocking the crowd. No culture is a one-man show and girls have always been vital parts of every subculture. This needs to become more obvious again.


You can also check out a playlist on Spotify curated by the Defrostatica gang here. ..