The hardworking Spanish team behind the infamous Iberian Juke Label, BSN POSSE, were among the first people in Europe to latch on to the 160 bpm footwork sounds coming out of Chicago. Since then they have developed their own take on the sound which blends elements of Hip Hop, Modern Jazz, R&B and of course jungle. 

The most recent addition to their colourful discography comes in the form of the Ritual EP on German outfit, Defrostatica. It’s just hit the locked down record stores and I thought it would be a great time to find out their top 5 YouTube videos of the moment.

1. Yussef Days X Alfa Mist – Love is the message

This is simply awesome, one of those songs you could listen forever, and every solo in this piece is just ridiculous.

2. LadyScraper – Thou Art Fucking Dead 

For those all who didn’t know, in the beginning of our musical history, we started a project called ‘BackStreetNoise’ mainly making Breakcore and 200 BPM was our usual speed … this video will be always kinda special to us, always fun to see the reaction of people when they watch.

3. Bicep – Glue 

Hard to describe all the feelings with this one, simply a masterpiece.
For those all who were been raving for a while… this song teleports you to those wonder years, dancing into the wild.

4. Camarón de la Isla – Volando Voy 

A little bit of our roots, this man was the Flamenco God ! And this song is probably one of those, can put a smile in your face after you listen some seconds … and talks about being in love with life no matter if sometimes it hurts.

5. Domi & JD Beck – Knxwledge 

We love this new generation of Jazz artists, there are a lot of interesting and dope projects but these kids just blow our mind so hard. Respect !!!