Trex – Loco EP

Trex – Loco EP (Trust Audio) We here at In-Reach always enjoy hearing about fresh labels and new music, which is why when we received an inbox from the newly formed Trust Audio with their forthcoming debut release, we got excited. Having heard Trex’s last EP on Mac II earlier this year ‘Soul For Sale’, amongst other appearances on Lockdown, we were keen to listen to his latest piece of work.

A joint venture by Joe Kehoe (Trex) and Tommy Duffy (DJ/MC QU3ST) both self confessed drum and bass fanatics, the pair have put forward a 3 track EP from Trex that is sure to be doing the rounds on a lot of DJ’s sets. Title track Loco brings you in with a sinister drum loop, dropping into a gritty, mature sound that will have your head bouncing like crazy. The thunderous drum intro of Knucklehead gets your attention straight away, crisp and powerful. This industrial beat however has more groove than Disco Stu, with a funky bass line and robotic synth to guarantee carnage on the dance floor. Lastly another immaculate curation, Twist Of Fate, a subby stepper that delivers wobbling bass and tight percussion which wraps up this stand out debut EP.

The frenetic roll of Knucklehead makes it our pick of the bunch, however with three seriously well crafted tunes this was a hard choice. Trust Audio have put their first stake in the ground of the ever growing drum and bass world, and boy what a great way to begin.

Buy it here: Juno or iTunes

Peep that shit below:

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