Skeptical @ BBC Radio one 13/1/14

Ahead of Skepticals highly anticipated EP on Exit Records, Ash (Skep) guested on Radio One a few days back, showcasing some of Exit Records latest offerings, including new music from the likes of dBridge, Skeptical, Fixate, Mark Sytem, Calibre & Resound.

Next up on Exit for 2015 – Skeptcial Imperial EP, then a  Fixate 12″, followed by a Calibre EP, then at long last Mark Systems 12″.



Skeptical – Imperial [EXIT] Calibre – The Sweet Audio [EXIT] Skeptical – Elephant Dreams [N/A] dBridge – No Discipline [EXIT] Module Eight – Ghost [N/A] dBridge – That’s Nice [EXIT] Fixate – N20 [EXIT] Resound – Black Hole [EXIT] Skeptical – Delusions Of Granduer [EXIT] Resound – X Riddem [N/A] Module Eight – False Positive [N/A] Mark System – Pursuit [EXIT] SpectraSoul – Melodies [EXIT] Skeptical – Escape Route [N/A] dBridge – Butterfly Effect [EXIT] Chimpo – Bad Acid [White] Module Eight – Inspector [N/A] dBridge – The Burnt King [N/A] Calibre – Concrete [EXIT] Skeptical – After Hours [N/A] Code 3 – Living Proof (VIP) [EXIT] Skeptical – Cargo [N/A] Skeptical Minds – Playground Chat Back [EXIT] Skeptical – Instant Reflex [EXIT] System – Optix [EXIT] Fracture – Gripping Lanes [EXIT] Fixate – Alive [EXIT]