Dubstep label Uprise Audio have been on our radar for quite some time here at In-Reach from having worked with them with on our first brewery party along with Flexout Audio back in January. Label boss man Seven developed his persona and sound from a rich heritage of drum and bass, having originally been rolling with the Ram Records crew in their early years under the moniker Eddy Woo. It was around 2008 he made the tempo transition and made his mark as Seven with his seminal track “Sirens” which featured on the Tempa All Stars 5 compilation. Since then he has established his fixture in the dubstep community with releases on the likes of Wheel & Deal, Subway and Aquatic Lab whilst smashing up dances on a seemingly non stop world wide tour. In 2012 he launched Uprise Audio and 5 years later has assembled an army of talented producers providing constant 140 fire power including the likes of LSN, Feonix, Juss B, Indiji, Spec and A-Grade. Adding to the ever expanding UA arsenal Seven has just released his third album and it is dangerous!

The eleven track LP entitled 11:11 was just released on the eleventh day in November, which is the eleventh month of the year. Noticing a pattern here? The title is in reference to the number which Seven often comes encounter with when great and positive things are about to occur in his life. The album has a strong list of features including collaborations with Youngsta, Truth, Juss B, Jman and Polly Yates and is a far more dance floor driven affair than his last full length offering on Uprise Audio which was a conceptual project aimed to play out like a movie soundtrack.

Let your mind travel and place yourself inside a rave for the evening. This album soundtracks a fascinating exploration of the various moods, emotions and energies you would experience during a night out skanking. Its is a primarily hard hitting affair designed for front centre of the dance floor but is balanced with the right amount of well placed atmospheric numbers to take you down from the ecstasy of the front row as if you were escaping for some respite in the smoking area. All tracks come signed and sealed with the impeccable levels of sound design and percussion we have become accustomed to from Seven with plenty of incredibly original and catchy melodies that we guarantee will get stuck in your head for days on end.

The album is an absolute beast and really throws down a marker for what to expect from Seven and Uprise Audio moving in to 2018. We are delighted to share with you our favourite track from the LP entitled Top Rank featuring the incredible rapid fire vocals of Jman on a reworking of Seven’s anthem Shaker from 2016.

You can get hold of the digital copy from here or the double A side 12 inch vinyl from here.