Ricky Force // The Cause / 147 (Skeleton Recordings)

Skeleton Recordings drop their next release courtesy of Dublin based Ricky Force. ‘SKELR10 – The Cause / 147’ is set to drop towards the end of May on white vinyl and digital download. A notable contributor to the drum and bass movement, Ricky has been crafting his sound since the early 2000’s with releases on Flex, Mac2 and AKO and an ever-evolving label to his name.

Heavy from the offset the A-side presents a warped, ethereal soundscape that entrances you into the folds of the production, before snapping you back to consciousness with the resonant and unforgiving drop. An old school jungle vibe littered with crunchy relentless breaks and pulsing bass, ‘The Cause’ is a well-rounded opener for this release. The B-Side steps up the pace with ‘147’, an uncompromising creeper drenched in cavernous bass and crisp militant drums. Changing the vibe throughout, the listener is kept guessing between the half and double time switch ups, all the while maintaining the murky aura of the release as a whole and keeping rooted to that jungle vibe.

A solid offering once again from all parties, SKELR10 is available on Vinyl and Digital from May.