In-Reach // Top Of The Pops // March 2016

Oioi. I’m back with some more musical picks from the last few weeks for you. First up this one. It dropped last year, but I only found out about it now. Don’t know much about him, but I rate this EP. 

Straight from that to this mental gear all the way from Phoenix, Arizona. Tapion by Quentin Hiatus. Boom 

If you like a bit of garage then you’re in luck as Kachina have dropped a tune from one of their upcoming EP’s as a free download. You can cop it on soundcloud 

Some Bass in your face from Australian label, Plasma Audio. 

Fox teamed up with Red Eye Hi-Fi for Light Pon Dem. Part of the Chips and Gravy EP which is out now for free. You should get it. 

Another one from Manchester and this one is the latest from Dub Phizix featuring the lord of lords, MC DRS. 

Stalwart label, Inperspective continue their latest resurgence with a single from Earl Grey. Both sides of this delicious picture disc are well worth your ears. 

Some new music on my own label from London based producers Mauoq and Medika. Also featuring Medika’s debut solo tune getting a release. It’s a deep one. 

Last but not least a debut piece from Manc rapper, Sangy.



This one is a tremendous one. 

That’s it for this month. in a bit!  

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