In-Reach – Sirens Series – Sweetpea

Greek mythology speaks of the three ‘Sirens’: Magnificent, majestic, beautiful yet dangerous creatures, who used enchanting songs to lure sailor’s to their doom;
fast forward to 2017 and In-reach: Siren’s series, celebrates 3 of the badass ladies of Drum and Bass; don’t be fooled by those pretty eyes, these girls absolutely bring the fire.

The three sirens were named: ‘Pisinoe’ meaning ‘Persuasive Mind’; ‘Thelxepeia’ meaning ‘Soothing Words’ and ‘Aglaope’ meaning ‘Beautiful Face’..

Our first Siren was Dispatch girl ‘KYRIST’.. Now representing ‘Thelxepeia’ we have ‘SWEETPEA’.

I heard this tale once of a lost House raver from Lightbox who took a wrong turn at the toilet and arrived at Fire room 2, seeing ‘Sweetpea’ on the line-up and imagining non offensive, repetitive beats he made his way the front; He couldn’t have been more wrong. Sweetpea’s selection of rolling bass fused with dark minimal undertones was too much for his unenlightened mind; rumour has it Fire staff put a wig on him and he now sells lolly’s in the girls toilets. OK I admit, that could be another Myth, but regardless, don’t let her name fool you…

Make no mistake, making a name for yourself in Drum and Bass takes commitment, passion and drive; and saving up for her own set of decks at 13 this girl has proven she owns those traits; at that age I once took the kitchen clock to the cinema with me so I knew the time for the bus home, meanwhile Sweetpea is mixing garage in a basement…Who the hell is that cool at 13??

Since 2011 Sweetpea has become a fan favourite at Rude FM, sharing her fantastic catalogue of underground Drum and Bass music through energetic mixes; It’s also not the first time Sweetpea has been a Siren, back in 2012 she was a featured artist for Lisa Nyx’s female troop ‘Syrenz’. It’s safe to say her talent has not gone un-noticed and in 2014 Bailey invited Sweetpea on to his Tuesday night radio show on Ministry of Sound; with fans tuning in from all over the world there is no doubt that by the following day she had hundreds of new fans across different time zones.

2016 highlights for Sweetpea included a release on Terabyte records and featuring on the line-up for Hardware, Symmetry, Ingredients and Freenetik events, I can’t wait to see what she has in store for 2017!

Sweetpea was the first female DJ I saw absolutely own the decks live and also the first I saw really going for it at the front of the rave, she is a true female Drum and Bass ambassador, and it would have been impossible to write about the girls of drum and bass without her taking centre stage.
Being the top gal she is, we have managed to steal her away from her pile of marking (coolest teacher ever??) to answer a few questions, check it:

FULL NAME: Natasha Jane Harber


Current Town

Vinyl or CDJ

Biggest Inspiration
The Madre (awwww)

Top Achievement
All bookings abroad

Biggest Fear

Drink of Choice

Top Nightclub
The End

Rare, Medium or Well done
Well done

If you could play a set anywhere in the world, where?
America / Australia tour

If you could pick one artist to collaborate with, who?
B2B with Randall

What are you most excited about right now?

Pick one word to describe yourself
A Peaness

Pick one word to describe your music

Wan’t to catch Sweetpea live? Get yourself down to one of these nights:

Warm Ears Sweetpea Birthday bash – 8th April – Bar 512
Dalston addictive behaviour New Age Myths Album launch – 14th April – Work Bar
Angel Renegade Soundsytem The End Reunion – 29th April – The Coronet

Not only has she shared her peaness with us, but she has also put together an In-reach Mix, and with one of her recent mixes currently at number 1 in the Mixcloud Drum and Bass charts, this is not one to be missed!