Nymfo – Stop Motion EP (CIAQS009)

Total Science’s Computer Integrated Audio – C.I.A for short – have been putting out quality releases since the mid 90’s and that doesn’t seem to be abating.

They have just released their “20 Years of C.I.A” celebration album to critical acclaim, featuring tracks from Total Science, DLR, Break and Nymfo (we will get back to him in a second) to name a few. 20 years on and still going strong!
This latest EP is by long time C.I.A collaborator Nymfo.

Something Tells Me ft Riya

Nymfo is such a versatile producer; one minute he is putting out a bass heavy tech monster then the next he’s released a beautifully crafted musical one. This falls into the second category. Featuring the vocal talents of Riya, you just know this is going to be one of those tunes you will be humming for a while.

Starting with an infectious piano hook and hats which lead you into Nympho’s trademark drums and Riya’s soulful vocal, the way the piano complements the soft vocal is great. The filtered reece bass is the perfect foil to Riya’s vocal, plus the riff itself keeps the deep vibe going. Imagine a similar bass and feel to what Seba achieved on “Painted Sky” –  these mellow but deep reeces are just meant to go with someone with the vocal talents of Riya. IMO this is a very good track which you could listen to for hours without getting bored.


This one’s a straight up dance floor tune with all the hallmarks of the “trademark” Nymfo Sound. It’s just full-on old skool, Virus like drums and a crunchy midrange riff, peppered with an old recognisable vocal sample (the same one Optical & Ed Rush used on White Lightning) accompanied the good old LFO square bass that Nymfo is known for. There are recognisable samples all over this tune (and I’m sure most people will be racking their brains on where they came from), making it feel like an old friend. A definite DJ tool in my book!

Stop Motion

If Nymfo released on Phantom Audio this tune would be it. With a nicely edited jungle drum break and real punchy kick and snare at the beginning, married to a dissonant eerie atmospheric tone, it screams dance floor carnage. As the bass stab riff drifts into earshot, it cuts out just as quick leaving you, with a reggae vocal on the drop; then the bass stab comes in with a relentless thumping pattern. His has a similar sound to the one he used on his collab with Icicle on Ram called “Franky Mountain”. Nymfo captures the essence of Digital & Spirit perfectly, whilst putting his twist all over it.

Bread & Butter

Hearing the synth line when I first put this on, I thought I was listening to a track from a sci-fi soundtrack, very reminiscent of a Vangelis composition (the artist behind the Bladerunner soundtrack). The Roland 303 in the intro combined with a simple 2 step drum beat to carry things forward sets a dreamy floaty atmosphere. The bassline is reminiscent of Culture Shock; this fits in with the dreamy soundtrack like feel, and its something you could play in your car when you go for a long drive, though it could easily be slotted into a club set.

This EP really shows of the versatility of Nymfo. Each tune is different to the the other so you get all the flavours of a Deep Kut release. Normally, a 4 track EP would contain at least one filler, but in this case all the tunes could be an A side. There is a tune for all occasions and another quality release for C.I.A. that caters for all tastes and shouldn’t have a problem finding a home in many collections.

You can pick this ep from the following outlets
C.I.A Bandcamp