NOZSTOCK & one smoking line-up.

What is Nozstock festival? Well in short it is a yearly party started by farmer ‘Noz’ that got large enough to warrant portaloo’s and headliners; with the family run spirit that many festivals have lost, it is the equivalent vibe of popping round to your mate Steve’s for a cuppa, and ending up camped out in his garden with Seastick Steve performing live from the shed.

With the family run feel of Nozstock, you can only expect a line-up which spans all genres and decades, similar to when the speakers are hijacked at the family BBQ and you end up with Madness B2B My nu Leng; the only difference is Nozstock has 19 years of history, solid organisation and no one burns the sausages.

The line-up is surprisingly bass heavy, but with no shortage of nostalgic classics, check it out:

So what can you expect?

Nozstock’s main arena in the centre of the festival site is named the Hidden Valley, which surrounds an old style Tudor farmhouse, close by is the Garden stage that provides bounce from start to finish, electronic artists take over as darkness falls. The orchard is home to the bigger names and party bands and the bandstand is where you want to be to sample electro-acoustica from some unsigned artists, one of the best places to hear new music.

The converted cowshed’s is where we will be enjoying most of the weekend, alongside thumping Drum and Bass and Dubstep artists, and over in the Bullpen with house beats and alternative dance. If that’s not enough for you there is the ‘Bantam of the opera theatre’ where you can lose yourself in another world of comedy, live performance and after dark cabaret.. ooo errrr.

We hope to see you MOOOOving at the cowshed (so sorry)… here’s why:

The hard work and dedication from the Nozstock team has not gone unnoticed, with the festival being shortlisted in more categories than any other at the 2016 ‘UK festival awards and conference’, categories included: ‘Best dance event’, ‘Best family festival’, Promoter of the year’, and ‘extra festival activity – with the clean campsite competition’, well done guys!

Fancy joining us for a Herefordshire hoe down? CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS!

Nozstock: 21-23rd July 2017 – Herefordshire, West Midlands.