NOZSTOCK 2017 // A letter to Noz, Ella and family

Dear Noz, Ella and family,

My Grandma always told me that a handwritten letter was the best thank you one could receive; and after spending my weekend on your farm I left feeling like one of the family, and felt that pen to paper was the very least you deserve.

Nozstock hasn’t just evolved over the years, I watched it transform before my eyes, with new things to explore each day. Wandering the rolling hills I watched as crew painted and patterned with such passion, sawing and shaping wood in the craft areas, using natures tools to create something so beautiful. As you walked you were comforted by a constant playlist of music spanning so many genre’s, and when you needed a rest there were sofas plotted all around the site, they were tired and scuffed from years of use but they seemed to have a new lease of life within the festival, and you could feel the comfort of your own living room, however far from home.

You can feel that a family have created Nozstock, the line-up can appeal to every-one across all ages, and this was the first time at a festival that I didn’t feel uncomfortable seeing children; because I only saw happiness, not one tear, exploration and creation, colours glitter and lights and all smiles. Then on to the cubicles, a converted cow shed exploding with the sounds Drum and Bass, it was impossible to imagine that this area was part of the same festival, a serious contrast, but more than welcome, and the detailing and art work on the walls to be highly commended.

Nozstock has a rough around the edges feel, an explosion of arts and crafts, but that is what I love about it, it is no way intimidating and embraces you like a warm hug, it is paper mache and pipe-cleaners, it is the family BBQ with swingball.  If it was up to me I would want to keep Nozstock a secret, but like any business marketing must continue, I simply hope you can keep the unique charm that resonates for as long as possible.

Surprises are at every corner, giant glowing centipedes, huge furry pink monsters, and a giant grater chasing a cheese to name just a few. A small bar that turned out to have a mirrored walkway ending in a secret stage with projections and a swing band was one of the highlights; you are Alice, you are in wonderland and you never want to leave, and most importantly you feel this surprise has been created especially for you. Following a crew of acrobats and fire artists through the field on the final night made you feel like a character from a fairy-tale, to then be greeted by a firework display, bonfire and a Salvador Dali style melting fire clock was a spectacular end to a perfect weekend.

I honestly can’t thank you enough, I have spanned the country and visited some of the largest festivals, but this is the first time I have left feeling truly calm. Some of us don’t realise the true importance of family, and Nozstock has made me realise just how important mine are; next year I will be bringing them all to celebrate 20 years of Nozstock, and I hope I will have a chance to thank you both personally.

Keep doing what you are doing, and don’t change a thing.

Kind regards,

Lolly x