A New Tomorrow EP – Hybris & DLR – DIS108

If you are a fan of Dispatch Recordings, then 2017 has been a fruitful year. With releases from Xtrah, DLR & Total Science, Nymfo & Phase, Sustance, Mikal and of course Survival, the bar has been set high in terms quality and quantity. One matchup we haven’t had so far this year is by Hybris and the prolific DLR.

These two producers can be relied upon to bring the funk in their music, so a collaboration was always going to be a hit.
This five track EP (three on vinyl) contains one collaboration titled Everyday is a New Tomorrow, a solo outing for each, then a remix of a tune from each other’s back-catalogue.

The title track is a slab of futuristic funk; you can hear elements of both producers in there: techy synth FX riffs, chunky drums and a baseline that hits hard. If I can pigeon hole this track with another dnb great, I would say think Kemal & Rob Data and then you have an idea!

This DLR track is exactly what I have come to expect from him, well produced and top drawer. ‘Panoramic View’ is a dancefloor slayer; an understated intro that slams into a crushing drop accompanied by a FM synth bass and distinct DLR rolling drums.

‘Lately’ by Hybris has his signature sound all over it. Starting with quirky rhythmical sounds to create a groove, one of which sounds like a phaser from Star Trek, it instantly tells the listener this isn’t your standard fare dnb tune. I like the way Hybris can use random sounds instead of the conventional drums and percussion to create a drum pattern. The haunting ‘Lately’ vocal floats in and out throughout the track; this coupled with the drum edits lay the foundation for the the track.

The next two tracks are remixes of each other’s tracks; DLR remixes ‘Crumbled’ and Hybris remixes ‘Ask the Question’.
Both remixes are on point and have done the originals justice plus brought something new to the table.
DLR’s remix could have been released on Stakka & Skynet’s label Audio Bluprint; I thought this sound had all but gone and I’m glad it hasn’t. This is a bloody good remix that will get played over and over.

Hybris’s remix is just as good, inputting his signature production technique and builds on the original in what is a strong release.

All I got to say is, get to your fave record/online store and don’t hang about, buy on sight!