Euro-Bound // Napoli #throwback

I’m back again, brandishing a stack of flicks from the latest expedition..
A few weeks back myself and a couple of the local scrawlers decided to head out euro-bound to Napoli, the southern, more heated side of Italy. Did someone say heated yeah? Yeah trust me, fully hot fam, I got cooked and instantly had to draw for the factor 50 (standard pasty brit). Anyhow, on touch down we yammed a mackies and hailed a cab. The cab area was full of bronzed, leather skinned Italian geezers, first man tried to bump us so we swerved him, ended up with a dude called Ronaldo coming in @ 50% cheaper. Deal Done.

flick-10We landed at the Hotel/Airbnb (PRO-TIP: If you like to travel and don’t know about Airbnb then you are slacking, get to know!) it was massive, room for all 5 of us, hot water, 2 years out of date Weetabix, and 2 banging balconies with a view. Couldn’t complain at about a £10’a a night.

flick-3Note at this point we dropped our bags down, hadn’t slept for nearing 48 hours so we decided to go out and get absolutely rollocked to help us through the extreme tiredness.

The night ended about 1am for me and 2 of the others, had a pissed treck up the hill (not a small incline either, it was pretty much a Mount Vesuvius ting). We left two of the crew at the bar still necking 2euro triple shots, which of course turned out to be a bad idea, with them buzzing all the doors of people in our block at 4am in the morning, not getting any answer… so then proceeding to break in to the apartment…. a spike fence and ripped clothes later they were in. This lead to the landlord not being best pleased and teetering on the edge of kicking us out on the first night… Not a good look.

flick-9Anyhow I could waffle for ages about all the mad shit we got up to, but I’m about done with typing and I also don’t feel like incriminating any of us either, so the less said the better.






Highlights were a plenty though; with the locals in town loving us, cheap alcohol and fags, the “do what you want and get away with it” lifestyle, beautiful hash (and women) everywhere you turned, parties on the street literally 24/7… and the list goes on… I really felt like Napoli was similar to one big festival, and I stand by that, go check it out for yourself!

Napoli soon come! 😉