MethLab – Revenant LP

Attention tech heads! If you are a keen drum and bass fan and like a bit of everything then im sure by now you will have heard of the purveyors of future-tech drum and bass, MethLab.

Originally an artist agency for the likes of Billain, Disphonia, Silent Witness and more, they also run a label under the same name! MethLab has taken the last two years by storm with releases from some of the scenes most revered tech producers and are now a go-to for any discerning neuro fan!

MethLab are for the most part a drum and bass label but also delve into experimental sounds and are big fans of sound design and soundscapes. Personally I think in sea of labels we have now in drum and bass that’s a great thing to push, and not just be pigeon-holed to one style.

2016 has seen the label plunge to new depths, with steady releases throughout the year from the likes of Current Value, Rawtekk, Optiv, Disprove, Signal and many more to ending the year winning ‘Best Newcomer Label’ at the Drum and Bass Arena Awards!. They also hold nights across the UK and Europe with monster line-ups guaranteed every time.

The latest offering to the masses is their end of year drum and bass LP ‘Revenant’. Now this isn’t for the faint-hearted. Revenant features a tirade of bone-shaking weight from a really impressive roster of artists including, War, Current Value, Hypoxia, Silent Witness, Broken Note and more! When this LP landed in my inbox I only had to browse through some of the producers to know what to expect but it delivered SO much more. From the sheer scariness of ‘Time Rubber’ by Current Value or the grinding energy displayed in ‘Exploit’ by Hypoxia & HYQXYZ this LP really offers up some of the best upfront technical drum and bass the scene has to offer!

Now again, if you are new to MethLab and their workings I implore you to get listening! They really do offer a real eclectic array of sounds in the technical spectrum so theres something for even the most novice of ears to the sound.

Revenant is out now and is available at all good online outlets!

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