In times like these we need music more than ever.

An escape from reality.. Oh there goes gravity.. (I’m currently on the letter E listening through my music collection). Prepare for some intense soul healing with the new EP from Medusa ‘Badmon’ due for release in just 2 days time on ‘Engage Audio’.

In fact you might want to go and lock your front door and give the key to a responsible adult, because if any new release is going to get you fired up for a night out it is one hundred percent this one!


First track of the treble has a three part build up into a punchy funky drop, make sure you listen to this through some decent speakers, headphones will not do this any kind of justice. Rattling high hats and percussive fills launch you through the tune, with funk and soul at the heart. You can’t help but move to this one. Dark but fun, that friend that will somehow persuade you that Tuesday is the new Saturday, and Tequila counts as a five a day because it comes with a lime; Badmon.


Dreamy, calm and futuristic. Vocals chant “I’ll keep you safe”, followed by a surprise drop that makes you feel anything but, who is this angel of Bass and where is she taking us? Smooth, calming and yet surprising. The whole track feels like a journey, and gets you geared up for the banger that is up next.


My favourite and the heaviest of the three. Pulled in by the promise of drums, that slowly deteriorate into a controlled abyss of precise tech production. Minimal atmospheric builds throughout, and a sound quality that is dynamic and constantly changing. Like Yoga for the ears. Download this track for free now on the Engage Audio Soundcloud.

Genuinely one of the best EP’s I have sampled for a while, a real speaker rattler. The EP release date is the 27th March, and is 100% necessary on your ‘Essentials’ shopping list!