LSN- Control EP Part 2 // Uprise Audio

North Wales finest dubstep collective, LSN, are back at it again with the second half of their incredible Control EP on Uprise Audio and it is without doubt some of their finest work to date.

The EP is testament to the groups incredible versatility as they break free from the constraints of the 140 bpm bracket they have made themselves famous for with Uprise Audio. The tracks move effortlessly between styles while being woven together by the signature LSN bass licks and breathe taking vocals of Simetra which we have come to know and love over the years.

The first track Killing Me is all about Simetra. Her unique vocal stylings paint a dark tale which draws you in to the shadows just to spit you back out with an equally twisted bass line which plays off of the vocal with beautiful precision and power.

Doom Dream is an epic sound scape painted over a head nodding dusty hip hop break. The vibe takes the listeners imagination away to get lost in the magic and mystery of the Welsh Mountains where these tracks were crafted. With this in mind you can hear how these powers have been harnessed and translated on to these beats by these musical magicians.

Bust Dat returns us crash landing back on to the dance floor with the rumbling hardcore dubstep style that these guys own! Wicked vocal samples chopped in against a thunderous bass line give this track a unique groove which will surely become a weapon for many a DJ pushing the 140 sound.

Finally the EP is rounded off with the beauty of Hard To Find which we are lucky enough to premiere for you here at In-Reach.

This is a beautiful, airy contrast to some of the darkness of the previous tracks, like a light at the end of the tunnel, congratulating the listener for surviving the sonic onslaught they have just ridden to reach this point. The tune again features some breathe taking vocals from Simetra and is played off against some incredible percussion work, which slots this missing piece of the puzzle perfectly in to the bigger picture rounding off this EP perfectly.

Control EP Part 2 is out 11th May on Uprise Audio and available to buy from here.