Lenzman & Dan Stezo – The Soul Tape // Throwback

While i’m on soul mix flow, (it’s the summer heat im tellin’ ya) you can’t beat rollin this type of 170! Ain’t no one better than Lenzman to provide it, this mix was out around this time last year and if you haven’t heard it then you’ll see why it just keeps getting drawn for. Rollin’ longside is the dutch vibe provider Dan Stezo….

“When we were kids growing up it was all about tapes. It was a time where music was hard to come by and albums were played from start to finish, over and over… It was also a time where we made mixtapes for each other, recorded off CD, radio, whatever. Back then it was Hiphop. We are taking that aesthetics and giving you a piece of nostalgia which celebrates the love for our craft. We’ve made you a mixtape. This time it’s not Hiphop but Drum and Bass music. This a hard-crafted package: 50 slices of nostalgia. Inside you will find a 60 minute tape, mixed and hosted by Lenzman and Dan Stezo. A t-shirt, a variety of stickers (Lenzman, Dan Stezo, Team Blazin’, Metalheadz, The Soul Tape) and all of it will have custom artwork by Team Blazin’.”

Lenzman & Dan Stezo – The Soul Tape