Jam Baxter, Ed Scissor & GhostTown present Laminated Cakes

What do you get if you remove Dabbla from Dead Players and add Ed Scissor? Ed Players!

No only joking.. You get Laminated Cakes!

Laminated Cakes is the result of the link up between Jam Baxter, Ed Scissor and GhostTown which has been shrouded in mystery and fuelled by a heavy dose of hedonism with its origins dating back to the summer of 2012. Its has been buried like a time capsule in the High Focus vaults and left largely in silence to mature in its own time, unconventionally teased to an unsuspecting crowd with just two singles (First Bite & Pipe Smoke) drip fed over the past half decade.

So it is only fitting that the trios identity and first video are both sprung out of nowhere on the actual release day of the entire project. High Focus again ripping up the rule book, re writing it and then slapping you with it. Check out the gangs exceptional mirror work on the video for “Excellent Donut” here.

The album comes dosed with that signature GhostTown sound which takes this out of the safe confines of hip hop and and projects it into a world not bound by stylistic guidelines. What 2 MC’s are better to navigate this unknown landscape for us than Baxter and Scissor? The Contact Play cohorts have a seamless chemistry on record and bounce off one another verse for verse with an unrivaled psychedelic swagger. Knowing both Baxter and Scissor’s abstract styles one can only think that the main conceptual theme, of the cake, which runs through the album isn’t a reference to something you would find Mary Berry whipping up and actually something else entirely. We will leave you to make your mind up on that one…

Laminated Cakes is out now on High Focus Records on all formats: CD, Vinyl, Digital, Tape.