Invadhertz – Dark Room EP (Addictive Behaviour)

Italian based trio Invadhertz, have been rapidly making a name for themselves with releases on Flexout Audio, Delta9 and Avantegarde Recordings. Characterised by a dark and euphoric sound, they will be invading sound systems near you with their latest release ‘Dark Room’ on Addictive Behaviour.

Leading the 5 track EP, ‘Darkroom’ plunges you deep into void of intimating basslines and intricate percussion that come together with menacing effect. Up next, the lyrical don MC Gusto adds some serious heat to ‘Battle Lines’ with his signature style. We are also treated to a remix from the Irish stalwart Zero T, that once again displays his extraordinary skill at flipping a tune on its head. ‘Nothing More’ is our pick of the lot. The deep, dark and rolling vibes that emanate through the unrelenting bass create a real treat for the ears. The gritty stabs that are peppered throughout ‘Bison’ are sure to cause maximum dance floor destruction in this real upfront rhythm. Check out the full player below…

The ‘Dark Room’ EP is another standout release from the Invadhertz boys and Addictive camp. Make sure you go and grab a copy available exclusively from Beatport today.

This release will be launched officially on the 23rd March at the intimate Work Bar, London with Invadhertz & MC Gusto delivering a live performance of Battle Lines. As well as this you can catch Digital, Chords, Sweetpea, Tephra & Arkoze and loads more on the night. Final remaining tickets can be purchased here, don’t miss out!

Dark Room EP launch