Idle Minds Workshop Q & A

Melbourne’s Plasma Collaborative enlisted some more local talent for their latest release. Idle Minds Workshop, a duo made of two well-known faces in the Melbourne drum and bass scene. Johnny Hooves and JPS, who  collaborated with Bristol’s Rider Shafique when he was on tour in Australia. 

Shafique’s signature style and flow sit comfortably with the snappy bouncy production of Idle Minds Workshop. We had a little chat with Idle Minds Workshop to find out a bit more about the release.


Tell us a bit about your new single with Plasma Audio?


IMW: To be honest Opportune has been with us for a while now but we felt it needed the right single to sit on and in came Take Time. Once Rider laid down the vocals it was perfect. Something that you can feel! Opportune, well, that’s made to tear dance floors 😉

How do you feel the newest release defines your direction moving forward?


IMW:  This will be the first proper release under the Idle Minds Workshop name (Previously JPS and Hooves) and we are properly excited about it. We’d love to maintain writing music for the pure joy of it and to keep working with someone our favourite vocalists and artists, having Rider on the tune was perfect and undoubtedly our first pick. To not be defined by genres as well.

How did you link up with Rider Shafique on this release?

JPS: Through touring him via The Operatives, he heard some of the music we were making and we set that up. When Rider returned to the UK, he recorded and the rest is history.

Many upcoming projects in a similar vein?

IMW: Indeed. We have another EP on the way, another track with Rider.

How do you feel about the current status of Melbournes music scene, what space do you see yourself occupying in coming years?


 IMW: Both Johnny (Hooves) and Myself work extensively with the music scene here. Johnny is responsible for the mix and master of a large number of records in varying scenes and I run music management, touring, booking and Events Company called The Operatives, And we are both heavily ingrained in music culture here. Idle Minds Workshop has always sat as the platform for us to release our music under one banner (Previously as JPS X HOOVES), still, maintain ourselves as DJs individually as well. ha. We hope we can maintain that for ourselves but to also open the possibility of being able to assist younger artists to find a better path to achieving their goals with our experience.

Where are you currently drawing inspiration from?


Old records and sampling but between the business and being Dads (Which is actually a major inspiration, our beautiful daughters), writing music has almost become a rare and treasured occasion. So having the time is inspiration itself.

Current Favourite production tool?

Hooves: Steinberg Cubase.  It’s my platform for everything, writing, arranging, mixing, mastering.  

JPS: Maschine (To cut up samples)

Vibes or Technicality?

 Hooves: I need both thanks.

JPS: yeh it’s a delicate ecosystem. 

Most used aussie slang in the last year?

Hooves: How ya going bloke?

JPS: Fuckin A

Worst aussie slang in the last year? 

Hooves: ‘The Rona’ (Corona Virus) really makes me cringe.

Favourite gig played in the past 5 years?

 Hooves: Playing drums for the Opiuo Band at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado

JPS: Hollywood Forever (Played sets in-between Flying Lotus, Thundercat and Hannibal Buress)

Producers to watch out for in Australia?

 JUJO, Pugilist, Tamen, Sean Deans, Lotus Moonchild, Duan, Raptorhandz, Walla C, Teymori, Horatio Luna, Silentjay, Angus Green, Oakley Grenell, Skinni.

Shout outs 

The Operatives Fam, Renee and Azami, Team Hooves – Katie, Heidi and Claudia.

PIC: Renee Stamatis Photography